Kastoria Products

When the name Kastoria mind goes in one word: fur. But surely follow beans and apples products Kastoria is famous for them.

The soil and climate of Kastoria helps in growing excellent quality products. Various varieties of apples with a wonderful sweet and crisp taste, the famous beans with protected geographical indication (PGI) and other legumes (lentils, chickpeas, barmpounofasoula) stand out for their thin skins and their particular taste. Wild mushrooms growing in sunless and leeward woody slopes and valleys of Grammos and Vitsi famous for its excellent taste and unique aroma. The chestnut trees thrive in the mountain forests of Kastoria and the walnut trees that grow on the slopes of the mountains give generously nourishing fruits.


The legumes of Kastoria (beans, lentils, chickpeas, red mullet) cultivated from years of lakeside settlement of Dispilio Kastoria. Their cultivation is traditional and mild management. The seed is the local variety and is unique for three main reasons: It is extremely vrastera is leptoflouda, which gives the softness in taste and therefore are especially delicious.

The particular cultivation technique is recommended:

To preserve the purity of the local variety.
In minimal or no use of pesticides and fertilizers.
The experience and perseverance of the farmer who continued personal work ensures the continuous monitoring of health status of the plants. In many areas, the harvesting of the bean is still by hand.

The beans of Kastoria need no recommendations, the good quality is known throughout Greece.

Dried white beans: Giants – Elephants – Flat (soup)
They cultivated almost in all settlements of the Regional Unity. They efkolovrasta and have little fat and many suggested. Cooked in the oven, as a salad, in clay, even in casserole (bean soup). They are a major component of the Mediterranean Diet.

Colored beans
This new bean varieties which differ from aspen both in color, but especially on the taste. Have increased antioxidant properties, taste like chestnuts and offer intense culinary thrills. The beans of Kastoria and specific varieties Giants Elephants are recognized as products of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).


Grown on the slopes of the mountains and ravines, The fruits are harvested in the autumn when it begins to blacken the outer shell. Then they peeled, washed and sun-dried. The cultivated varieties are divided into three groups: fluffy, semi-dry and hard. Nuts are very nutritious and are particularly used in confectionery for traditional dishes of Kastoria (walnut liqueur, bibs, baklava).