Ordering, Payment, Shipping

How To Order

There are three ways to order the products that interest you:

1. Through our website: Find the products of your interest through search or directory. Click on the “Add to Cart” to your products of interest, and these will be added to the electronic ‘basket’ you. When you finish adding products click on the “Checkout” and follow the instructions until you complete your purchase with success.

2. Telephone orders: You can place your order by phone at 6944100888 every day from 9:00 to 21:00.

3. From our store: Visit us at our farms in Lakkomata and Korestia.

Payment methods

There are two methods of payment. You can choose whoever you see fit more on your purchases.

1. Payment on Delivery: For those who prefer payment on delivery, the products come via courier company and you pay at the time of receipt. This method is not suitable for high volume items that are sent by consignors.

2. Payment by Bank Transfer: After checkout, you will receive a confirmation email with details of our bank account and instructions for payment. Please use as the reason the order code that you find in the email you receive from us. Once we confirm the payment we will ship your order.

Shipping methods

1. Delivery throughout Greece (purchases to 40 pounds): The parcel shipments up to 40 kg via a courier company, the shipping cost is € 3.50 for the first 2 pounds and then add an additional cost per extra kilo. The delivery time of the products on your site is about 1-3 days.

2. Missions throughout Greece for large volume orders: If your order exceeds 40 pounds, use transportation companies to send you. In this case the payment can only be made by bank transfer (no cash on delivery for high volume orders). Note that before processing the order we will contact by phone to inform you about transport costs.